"Movie" universe/setting I would like to be transported to and why I would thrive...

Thanks @Dad3 for this request, which made me think more than I probably should have. Also I haven't seen this movie in a while so I hope I'm remembering it correctly.
  1. Tim Burton's world always seemed like a place I wanted to explore. Sure I could pick any number of his films but Beetlejuice with its non-threatening ghosts, sullen teenager and obnoxious-what-ever-he-is seems like the right fit.
  2. Why would I thrive in this world. Why do I belong?
  3. Because I would make a great Robert Smith impersonator.
  4. I am from the islands and we know how to say DAY Oooo Me Say...
    I would also be VERY grateful if Catherine O'Hara was my mom.
  5. I'm a city girl who wants to live in the country but still with all the modern luxuries I'm used to.
  6. I'm melodramatic as fuck
  7. I guess I have a fondness for assholes
  8. I'd ghost around with these two who have absolutely no idea what they're doing
  9. Or join the aforementioned asshole
  10. It's dark and light. Fun and scary. Quirky and mundane. Morbid and f-ed up. This is my world and I would freely go in between with just the utterance of "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice"
  11. P.S. I also like the cartoon, which I think I was too old to admit to enjoying watching