Inspired by @Boogie and those who inspired her.
  1. I go to the hairdresser once a year to get my hair cut. I usually donate it if it's long enough since I don't colour it. I also do not comb my hair and don't use product. I usually find something interesting to do to my hair when I feel like it.
    Pic on my long hair. Usually it gets that long and then I chop (bottom left)
  2. I wear make up for work if I have time in the morning. I haven't been wearing any for two months because of how hot it has been and my allergies most recently. Or so I say.
    I will rock an ombré eyeliner, black lipstick during the day, red lipstick to work, and I love a good blush. I don't understand eyeshadow, though. I try to but my cousin (on the left)is better at blending that I am.
  3. No mani pedis because I get bored. I love nail polish and my short nails but I'm not sitting around making small talk with someone who genuinely doesn't give a shit who I am.
    I don't file my nails either. I don't understand what that's about.
  4. I love midi skirts. It may not be the best for my body type and height but if I want to dress like a Pleasantville extra I will!
    With flats. Always flats.
  5. I love wearing saris. My posture is at its best wearing one. I feel regal and then I gotta eat with my hands.
    I'm on the left.
  6. I own 27 Blazers. That is not a typo.
    And will wear it out to a club.
  7. Love me pretty shoes but they don't love me. Here's a pic of my favourite shoes.
    These have replaced my various adidas shell tops.
  8. I wear hair accessories. Feathers. Bands. Flower crowns. I look like a starlet attending lollapalooza when I do.
    I'm very matchy-matchy here. I couldn't find the one with flowers.
  9. I live in sweatshirts. My brother-in-law's old FUBU sweaters and Too Black Guys.
    Sweater bought today in the men's section.
  10. I also live and die by Roots Sweatshirts and sweatpants. It's one of my luxuries.
    I chose this photo to ask why would anyone wear a sweatshirt and shorts. Why is this a thing? Are you at a bonfire and decided to put a sweatshirt on? Alright then you get a pass but if you intentionally put this on to leave your house then I don't think you understand weather.
  11. I wore ties and bow ties before Avril Lavigne made it gauche.
    I want this bowtie no reason in particular.
  12. I never remember to wear jewelry but if I do remember I either go big with the most gaudy statement jewelry or something incredibly delicate and unassuming.
  13. I love satchels. I couldn't care less about name brands but I do love the designs of Proenza Schouler.
  14. I don't do baths.
  15. I want Tom Ford to design a suit for women that isn't white.
    Really Tom? Bleh.
  16. I also really want an Ellie Saab gown.