My Favourite Romantic Comedies

Sentimental schlock that I normally stay away from but obviously has penetrated my hardened heart.
  1. The Truth About Cats and Dogs
    Janine Garofalo is my spirit animal and her character Abby might have been based on me despite the fact that I was 17 when I first saw the movie.
  2. I Give It A Year
    There are a lot of unlikable characters in this and I kind of appreciate that. Unlikable people need love the most.
  3. The Philadelphia Story
    Hello James Stewart!
  4. Pretty in Pink
    I would have chosen Ducky. I think I would have been Ducky actually.
  5. 13 Going on 30
    Mark Ruffalo you made me watch this and you made me enjoy it.
  6. Love Actually
    Yeah it's every possible romantic comedy and Christmas movie cliche crammed into 2 hours but I love it.
  7. This is 40!
    Depressingly awesome! Just what I expect my 40s to be.
  8. The Wedding Singer
    Hello Billy Idol!
  9. The Princess Bride
    Hello Cary Elwes!
  10. Annie Hall
    Hello Diane Keaton!