Requested by Bill

My first Radiohead Concert.

October 17, 2000 at the Air Canada Centre. Thank you @pili_ervin This is so wonderfully kind of you to request (sorry for all the gifs, thought there needed to be more to this list).
  1. I have always been lucky getting tickets to Radiohead shows for my friends and I.
    I've seen them four times and was able to secure tickets legitimately, which is something I've contemplated putting on my resume. I have worked very hard by selling my soul to the Internet Overlords.
  2. They day of the show was also the day before my 20th birthday.
    I convinced myself that Thom and company knew this somehow and decided to give me an early birthday present. Yes I was a delusional fan girl.
  3. We had terrible seats but we didn't care. We were there and that was the only thing that mattered in our world.
  4. It was the tour after their Kid A release and I was in no way prepared for their awesomeness.
  5. I remember hearing "Idioteque" live for the first time.
  6. My friends and I sang and danced awkwardly with no leg room.
  7. Thom was spastic and his voice was perfect.
  8. All other details are now a blur. I remember the feeling more than anything else. We left the show on a natural high and with the collective intent to never pass up the opportunity to see them in the future.
  9. We rode the subway back talking too loudly about the show and pissing off the people who were tired from working their afternoon jobs.
  10. I procured a bootlegged recording of that show and made copies of it for each of my friends who were there. With cover art.
  11. I don't speak to any of the people I went to shows with anymore. There is no reason other than the drifting that comes with adulthood.
  12. I have yet to listen to Radiohead's new album, also because of the drifting that comes with adulthood.