My Secret Santa is also the love of my life

  1. It's Sunday why is someone ringing my doorbell while I'm still in bed trying not to remember that I have to go into work today?
    I haven't worked out why it was delivered today. We had a snow storm yesterday but that still doesn't make sense.
  2. Package is from Santa!!!!
  3. I saw the name on the box and flipped the f out
    @MissJess doesn't swear as much as I do so Imma keep this PG13
  4. Guys, Jess is my twin. In the short time I've known her I have told her I love her, I want to marry her and name our dog Gus. I would also be her wing woman while she tried to make moves on PM Trudeau who she casually calls "Justin".
    We both wanted to name her littler brother's dog Gus and with that knew I found my soulmate.
  5. First my Christmas stocking!
    P.S my rug needs to be vacuumed especially after last nights wrapping venture.
  6. Some awesome treats that may not last very long!!
  7. This girl gets me!
    You don't get to see my love notes because that's for my eyes only, you perv!
  8. Dude, this is just a ridiculous amount of stuff! I've never been this spoiled before and I like it!!!
  9. I lost my gloves recently and this is perfect!
  10. I'm a grinch and she knows it. She loves me in spite of my grinchy ways.
    These are knee socks on me but I don't care I'm putting the in my suitcase immediately for my trip home!
  11. When you're a twin it's likely that you're going to already own the perfect gift
    I love this book and Jess left instructions on what to do if I already had it. Sharing literature is important and so this book. It's perfect for an introvert trying to find value in themselves and stop being apologetic for not being like everyone else.
  12. Another book I own but I'm not giving this one away because there is more music to add since my last copy of this book. I absolutely adore it!!!
  13. Ahhhh I haven't seen ET! I'm not sure if to watch it tonight or take it with me and watch it with the kiddos!
  14. I love notebooks and I plan to fill these up with the most introverted thoughts ever!
  15. I love making lists and I plan to use this all year round!!
  16. Cutest post-it's and cards.
  17. Another notebook that speaks to my core!
  18. Thank you @MissJess! I am so wonderfully thrilled that you were my Santa and even happier still knowing that you're my friend. I love and adore you!
  19. Thank you @DawnCloud for organizing our Secret Santa. It has brought me and so many others so much joy.
  20. I need to go work now and be an extrovert!