1. My nephew and niece have all had a project to do when they were in grade one. It's a countdown to the 100 days left of school. The kids need to find 100 objects and present it on Bristol board. I have done this project with my nephew now 12 and niece now 9.
  2. My littlest, Ethan had his project to do this weekend. I'm not there.
  3. I've been looking forward to doing this with him the first day of school. It's tradition and given our personalities I imagined us arguing a lot (two last born kids trying to get their way)
  4. He face timed me and showed me his project. He's so proud of using 100 pieces of lego. It looks great. I should be there.
  5. My sister has been asking me a million questions about the best method to keep me the legos in place. I should be there.
  6. This is a pic of when my niece and I were working on hers a few years back. I was there.