People Think ...

  1. I'm 15
    Well maybe early 20s. It probably doesn't help that I dress like a kid sometimes. I do borrow my 10 year old nephews clothing so that doesn't help.
  2. I'm nice
    I am. Mostly. Cross anyone I love and you'll pay. Treat anyone unjustly and you will never gain my time or respect. Lie and I will never trust a word you say.
  3. I'm a pushover
    I will hold to my principles. I will be stubborn about this. What I hold dear will not be something I waiver on. If I believe I'm right (especially when I feel I'm advocating for my residents) I will stand tall and die on that cross if I need to.
  4. I'm serious
    If I choose to socialize you can count on me being a goof with those I feel comfortable with. I talk shit all the time some people enjoy my company because of this.
  5. I'm one of the guys
    I've been invited to guys night out, guys vacations. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad my gender doesn't exclude me from spending time with friends but I'm very much a woman.
  6. I only watch art house films.
    I just rewatched the South Park movie after watching Shawn of the Sheep. I got so many dimensions you don't even know.
  7. I only listen to indie rock
    Put on R. Kelly's "Ignition Remix" and watch how happy that makes me
  8. I only wear tea-length skirts
    I don't. But I wish I did.
  9. I want to be married
    I don't. It's never been the plan. I've also never had a plan in this regard. If I do get married it will be because it is important to my partner.