Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @celestestelle @jessicaz @Boogie @karlalucia @jennifer1482 hope I got everyone. 2012 and same handle and list if you wanted to see more mediocre pics of people you don't know
  1. First post
    My niece in her mismatched pjs, my blazer and using her dad's old blackberry. This is also what she'll probably look like in her teenage years when people use their phones to talk to other people.
  2. I don't like roses but it was an incredibly sweet gesture of thank you that wasn't necessary.
  3. One of my favourite pics of my niece taken just before a wedding.
  4. We like transformers a lot. Optimus Prime is a god.
  5. No one has ever made a big deal about my birthday, but my work family made me so unbelievably happy by trashing my office. I worked all day surrounded by balloons.
  6. 70s themed birthday party so basically every guy wore a tie dyed shirt.
  7. I have a love/hate relationship with my brother-in-law's brother. We insult each other at every turn. I do eventually wuss out and seek cover from his wife or his mom but I can generally hold my own. This was my favourite burn.
  8. Name that episode!
  9. My nephew not knowing how to deal with the ladies cozying up to him.
  10. My first tree at my place, I went full-girl with a lot of glitter and bright colours. I haven't put my tree up in years but I still love the gaudiness of it.