I pick stranded on the moon. Why? Because I sincerely believed we would be living on the moon by now. This is the story of how we get there.
  1. Pre-apocalyptic times. I could have just said "present" but I feel anything with apocalyptic adds to the drama.
    It was such a wonderful time to be alive. This was when we only feared clowns because they were creepy, not this other level shit that's happening.
  2. The actual event that leads to a mass exodus from earth in my mind has always been the air. It's toxic, bitch.
  3. I fully believe there a secret list of people who are on the "special" spacecraft to the secret colony.
  4. I am not meant to be on the spacecraft where we build our society from the "cream of the crop"
    No siree.
  5. I will beg, steal, borrow or barter to get on that ship.
    I feel strongly in my ability to do any of the above. I believe in myself.
  6. The ship is now wrecked on the moon. It's kind of like Lost but since I only watched season 1 I can't draw much inspiration beyond there are many questions and I don't have the energy to explore. It's all good and so many twists and turns.
  7. I leave my travel buddies and go it alone because they're all jerks and I really need my space.
    Classic introvert.
  8. Self-stranded. Much like my time in pre-apocalyptic earth.
  9. What do I do? Alone on my side of moon?
  10. I sing my little heart out.
  11. That's all.
  12. Anticlimactic, you say?
  13. Well yes. The journey, my friends, is what matters.
    Yeah. I just needed a way to end this so I'm going to pretend this was the intent.