*Narf* I think so Brain...
  1. But The Rockettes? Aren't they mostly girls?
  2. But what if the chicken won't wear the nylons?
  3. But isn't that why they invented tube socks?
  4. But if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?
  5. But can the gummy worms really live in peace with the Marshmallow chicks.
  6. But if they call them 'sad meals' kids wouldn't buy them
  7. But we're already naked
  8. But arugula flavoured gelato?
  9. But Kevin Costner with an English accent?
  10. But if the plural of mouse is mice wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?
  11. But Pete Rose? I mean can we trust him?
  12. But three men in a tub? That's unsanitary.
  13. But isn't Regis Philben already married?
  14. But I can't memorize the whole Opera in Yiddish
  15. But balancing a family and a career? It's too much for me.
  16. But how can we get seven dwarves to shave their legs?
  17. But shouldn't the bat boy be wearing a cape?
  18. But what if the hippopotamus won't wear a beach tong?
  19. But how would we ever determine Sandra Bullock's shoe size?
  20. But can you use the word 'asphalt' in polite society?
  21. But if the sun will come out tomorrow what is it doing right now?
  22. But a codpiece made with real fish would get smelly after a while, wouldn't it?
  23. You draw the bath and I'll fetch the alka seltzer and candles
  24. But if I have my portrait drawn will we have time to make it to the life boats?
  25. But even if we find tuxedos to fit a blowfish, who would marry it?
  26. But if Pinocchio was carved out of bacon it wouldn't be the same story, would it?
  27. But where are we going to find a tattoo parlour this time of night?
  28. But where are we going to find rubber pants our size?
  29. But we'll never get a monkey to use dental floss.
  30. But culottes have a tendency to ride up
  31. But me and Pippi Longstocking? I mean, what would the children look like?
  32. But burlap chafes me so
  33. But where do you stick the feather and call it macaroni?
  34. But pantyhose is so uncomfortable in the summertime
  35. But how will we get the Spice Girls in the paella?
  36. But if we give peas a chance won't the Lima beans feel left out?
  37. But what kind of rides do they have at Fabioland?
  38. But why does the chicken cross the road if not for love?
  39. But if our knees bent the other way how would we ride a bicycle?
  40. But a show about two taking lab mice? It'll never get on the air.