Inspired by @MichaelRose. I actually don't have a rich employment history
  1. Babysitter, aged 15
    Watching my second-cousins kids over the summer, the 5 year old hated me because had sass and I was not ready to be out-sassed. The 2 year old adored me. It evened itself out.
  2. Aerospace company, aged 16-18
    I'm from a community that earned its placed as an aeronautical design innovation. It's the home to the Avro Arrow, the first Canadian supersonic aircraft. There's even a movie about it with Dan Akroyd because Canada. I worked with the records and blueprints that we're larger than I was. I met some great people there, engineers are weird but good weird.
  3. Microfischer clerk, aged 19
    Government job for a ministry that no longer exists, it was the Ministry of Consumer and Customer relations. It's called something else now. I was spared the customer/consumer side and worked with data entry and learning about the lost art of microfiches.
  4. Canada Customs, aged 19-21
    I was an inspector as a summer student, I hated it because I felt it was indoctrinated students to be systematically racists. Most stay on after graduating university but I couldn't do it. At the time it was called CCRA, I think it's CBS now. The amount of money spent on rebranding must be ridiculous.
  5. Retail, aged 20
    I lasted about three days working in a trendy shop near Queen street. I was not cut out lying to customers for a sale. My soul could not take it.
  6. The next jobs would be in the industry I'm working in now where I am no longer a younger person.