Emily (@ECullz) I'm 4'11" you're asking me to imagine being shorter when I've spent most of my life trying to imagine being taller, this is a challenge for me. Hope I don't disappoint.
  1. Firstly, I'd have to go get some sort of contraption that would help me drive, wouldn't I? I'm already sitting on a pillow while optimizing all the adjustments available for my current height.
    And now I'm ready to roll. Let the adventure begin.
  2. Then I would head to the nearest amusement park or fair and freely ride every kids ride without judgement.
    Screw you I enjoy not being scared to death.
  3. I would go to the movies and pay the kids fare but I guess only PG movies.
  4. I'd crash a kids party and if there was a bouncy house I'd start paying rent because I found my dream home
  5. I would then eventually try to climb into the crawl space at my sister's place because I'm dying to know what hidden monsters lurk there but there better not be spiders.
    Ghosts are fine. Spiders? Just no. F you spiders! No one likes you.
  6. Once I conquer the ghost spiders of the crawl space I would do an Airbnb in one of those "tiny spaces" even though I could fully do that at my current height I just think I should embrace all things tiny.
  7. After the first night at the Airbnb I will scour the local environment for places kids go to get high and blow off school. Here I see myself as Matthew Mcconahey in Dazed and Confused.
    Alright, alright, alright. Heheheheh
  8. At my last night at said cute Airbnb I would host a party where we would embrace "small culture" by playing inappropriate classics like Blink 182 "All The Small Things"
  9. After all the thematic fun has been I think it's time to head to my favourite small space. A blanket and pillow fort that I don't have to struggle to get into.
    This is bliss.