1. Anyone Can Write A Book! And Other Things I Was Wrong About
    A collection of essays an every university paper I've ever written
  2. A Mediocre Life: A Picture Book
    It's really just my Instagram account
  3. The Laziness Project: How to do less each day
    An instructional guide
  4. How To Win Friends While Under The Influence
    A documentation of every time I was told I should drink more often
  5. An Analysis of Girlhood
    Various graphs with little scientific research
  6. Identity and The Immigrant Experience
    My diary from childhood
  7. 420
    A graphic novel chronicling all the "genius" thoughts had while high
  8. 420: The Cookbook
    A cookbook chronicling all "amazing" meals had while high
  9. How To Scare A Child
    Every superstition and ghost stories was told and believed in until age 11. An audiobook.
  10. My Patronus Is A Direwolf
    A story of strength and intermingling fandoms