Inspired by @ShawnKelly @joemurphy @Boogie @DG @JAFred97 @MissJess @hillary79 @veshecco @jessilee23 @blisssara and others I'm certain I've forgotten. Heads up this will likely be deleted.
  1. I've never had someone say "I Love You" to me nor have I said it until my niece and nephews came along
  2. I was raped when I was 7 years old
  3. I was told I would go to hell and you became a Minister of the Church
    Thus beginning my sordid relationship with religion and god
  4. My father told me I'm the reason he's an alcoholic
  5. My mother blamed me for "antagonizing" him
  6. I left my home not knowing it would be forever
  7. I went to a high school that trained the students for menial jobs rather than academics or the arts
  8. Some people think I got to where I am by sleeping my way to my position
  9. I've been excluded for being the "wrong type of brown"
  10. I watched sports so I would be able to talk to the men of my family because the women didn't want me around
  11. I grew up with an extended family that actively wished for bad things to happen to me and my sister
  12. I overheard my grandmother say mean things about every member of my family because of her disappointment with my father
  13. I grew tired of being a victim and spoke up for myself and others and was told it was wrong to do so
  14. I was told that I should move from my father's house to my husband's house. I should never have anything for myself.
  15. I was encouraged to drink hard liquor by my relatives when I was 11
  16. I was told I was different and made to feel guilty for being so
  17. I'm the "baby" who was named by my uncle because my father was getting drunk instead of being there
  18. Because girls hated me for being friends with the guys they had crushes on
  19. How do you end these because I could on...