Reasons Why Seth Meyers Should Fall Madly In Love With @MissJess

Happy Galentines Day to my future Sister Wife. How wonderful is it that the universe (and by "universe" I mean gods) keep putting us together. This list is directed at Seth. It's almost Galentines Day in our time zone so here goes 😘 @MissJess
  1. Jess is probably too smart for you.
    Dear Seth, I know you love smart ladies based on your friendships with Amy and Tina as well as your wife (I'm not writing your wife out of this narrative). I do think Jess may be out of your league but I also think she'd be a great addition writing A Closer Look so she can pretend she's on The Newsroom.
  2. Jess has an amazing, crazy emoji-loving mom
    Dear Seth, you have a wonderful family and they are a little eccentric in a loveable waspy way, but with Jess you get so much more eccentricity. I don't know if you could handle the awesomeness of her Denny's-tattooed mom but I'd love to see you try.
  3. Jess has the cutest and sweetest little brother
    Dear Seth, the only other person you need to win over other than Jess is her little brother. That's not going to be easy. He is the love of her life but you would be safely in second place (tied with me)
  4. Jess is a liberal in NC by way of Montana
    Dear Seth, I know you Hollywood types meet liberal leaning people all the time but Jess is no lip-service liberal. I'll get into that in a sec, I really want to highlight that she has grown up around beautiful landscapes and you need her to show you around her hood.
  5. Jess donates her time, money and whatever is needed to those less fortunate
    Dear Seth, Jess spends her time giving to those in need and not just when it's convenient or when there is a holiday. She'll donate time and supplies to organizations to help her community and her country. She'll march for what's important and right as well as harass elected officials. Girl is woke and wonderful.
  6. Jess is an amazing baker
    Dear Seth, if you had any of Jess' baked goods (not a euphemism) you'd be this excited in real life.
  7. Jess loves wine
    Dear Seth, she loves all kinds of alcoholic beverages. You two will do just fine!
  8. Jess doesn't swear
    Dear Seth, Jess is classy as fuck and she's super cool with people who swear.
  9. Jess loves sports, the Packers specifically.
    Dear Seth, imagine the games you two would go to. Imagine the arguments about players and teams. Those arguments are the cornerstone of any good relationship.
  10. Why am I qualified enough to that I think she's perfect for you and any guy lucky enough to have her???
  11. And if you are lucky enough to meet her and then fall in love with her I expect the undying love of your brother as payment for my matchmaking services.
    P.s. We both love you and your wife. No disrespect Ms. Meyers (I'm serious I'm your brother though).
  12. Thank you @Boogie and @amieshmamie for being all of our Galentine loves.