Inspired by @hillary79
  1. Jon Favreau (The Other One), former Obama speech writer, host of Pod Save America
    Some may say that this is not a recent crush and I'm using @hillary79 list as an opportunity to continue to talk about him when I already do this too much. Some might be right.
  2. Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet
    I'm on board with a husband who is willing to bury a body with you. I'm also loving the grey on him in this.
  3. Giovanni Ribisi
    Not necessary recent because I've always had a crush on him, but 10 minutes into Sneaky Pete and I'm back on board.
  4. Oscar Klefbom (Edmonton Oilers, defenceman)
    Hello young man! Your face is pretty. A little too pretty but I'll admire it from afar.
  5. Constantine
    What can I say? I have a type (I resent Netflix telling me the Muppet Show is for ages 5 to 7).
  6. Jon Lovett
    I have an undeniable adoration for any member of the Pod team but all my affection now belongs to Lovett. From hither forth, all men will be measured against Lovett. The latest episode of the Pod Save America (Live in LA) has solidified my love for him.
  7. Richard from Veep
    Love him! (Also, I'm angered by the lack of Sue in the current season of Veep)
  8. Father John Misty
    I haven't decided on beard or no beard. Works for me either way. I'm honestly not a fan of his music but my ever-growing crush has his music calling me. I think we'd get a long well. We would keep each other laughing.
  9. Jay Ellis
    Binge watching Insecure Season 2 currently. What solidified this crush is learning he's 35 so I don't feel like a skeeze crushing on a younger dude (like I do with Michael B Jordan - I will now leave him for @Boogie)