1. Stop swearing so much - my sister
    I didn't think I swore that much, less than Deb Morgan but more than mother Teresa. I feel like that's an acceptable amount. Fuck yeah it is.
  2. Be more ladylike - an ex
    Fuck you, bro.
  3. Ask for help - friends
    I'm so stubborn about asking for help it's now become a character flaw.
  4. Mend the relationship with my father - my grandfather
    I would do anything for grandfather, but not that.
  5. Get married - my mom
    I had told her at 20 I wasn't planning to get married, she needs to move on.
  6. Keep my office clean - my staff
    Organized chaos is my jam!
  7. Stop saying things like "organized chaos is my jam" - everyone
    Giphy downsized medium
    This gif should be hologrammed on my tombstone. That is so going to be a thing