It's not really a juicy story but I spend my days with 80 year old men so it's kind of a big deal for me.
  1. First, it should be know that I have no game and totally miss signals all the time. I have to be told by innocent bystanders what's going on. If I think a guy is interested I don't even know how to even speak. I'm way better thinking he's not so I go with that.
  2. Anyways, met this cute and highly awkward guy today and he made me laugh.
    I won't recall the details because you had to be there.
  3. I don't know if it was cool to mention his obvious awkwardness but I told him it made me smile because he was goofy and adorable.
  4. People around couldn't contain themselves and I couldn't look at them.
  5. My staff are wonderful and any single man that comes into our building gets placed in the potential file.
    They have also said they've taken a pic of me in my elf costume and posted it to dating websites. Fetish sites, I'm sure.
  6. He didn't have a wedding ring.
    So yeah. That's all I have to go on, that and his wonderful awkwardness.
  7. I guess this is what the new update feature is about. Business cards were exchanged so I don't know what's next. Is this what LinkedIn is for?
  8. Update to demonstrate what jerks my staff are (I do love them)
    Yesterday I was in a meeting in office with 4 other people. It was very serious in nature. One of my employees knocks on my door and we open to see who it is and she says "the is a cute boy here to see you" and leaves. It certainly cut the tension in the room and I may have turned red (yes I am able to do so). Before there is more question, it is a separate guy from the mentioned above.