I get the sense that these fascinations aren't common. They really ought to be.
  1. Bales of Hay
    I confessed my intrigue and a friend tried to be helpful by saying "if you really want to see how they bale hay we can YouTube it" And ruin the magic?!? No never! There's a hay maze that I NEED to get lost in and never find my way out.
  2. Inflatable Waving Tube Man
    I could watch these things for hours. My favourite scene in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is Dee Reynolds dancing along with Tube Man. Pure gold!
  3. Broken glass
    Specifically finding broken glass. I'm way better than your central vac. I feel such a sense of joy finding broken pieces, it's like I'm saving others. I am. I truly am.
  4. Untangling things
    My nephews think I'm the best untangler in the world. Such validation only encourages me.
  5. Straightening paper clips
    I go through more paper clips than anyone else and I rarely ever use them as intended. I think I'm practicing making shanks or trying to destroy that smug bastard Clippy. Screw you, Clippy!
  6. Jellyfishes
    I don't know if this is strange. Yes I've looked into what is needed in order to have a jellyfish as a pet. I've watch a jellyfish special and Netflix which wasn't a documentary but it was just jellyfish bobbing around and I wasn't disappointed. I love them. They're chill as fuck and just doing their own shit. Photo from the Baltimore aquarium. I still have not deleted the multiple photos of jellyfishes on my phone despite running low on storage.