Sorry for the delay with this one @mnickwrites
  1. Winning a game of breakfast Scrabble with some pretty good players I might have won because a couple of them were probably hungover.
  2. Winning this unicorn at the Ex for my niece
    I've had fluffier.
  3. Eating the best jerk chicken I had in a long time.
    It was glorious.
  4. Playing Iron Man Robot versus Any-random-toy-nearby
    As the request of the littlest. The oldest and I played battleship while the middlest and I had some deep talks about being a girl.
  5. Movie date with 3 dates. I'm that kind of girl. So what if I didn't want to see the movie. I ate a lot of popcorn and only had 2 bathroom breaks.
    A win with a three kids 10 and under.
  6. Drinks and debate.
    Heated conversation in which I've told my debater that "I don't think it matters what I have to say you're not willing to concede that we are saying the same thing"
  7. I'm leaving for Baltimore tomorrow and get to live the dream of 14 year old me watching the Orioles in Camden Yards.
  8. Found American money from my last trip in my passport holder
    Oh yeah F you exchange rates.
  9. Obsessing over and having challenges with the youngest
    Love this game.
  10. I learned how to the "Don't Mind" dance but apparently I'm terrible at it.