I love puns but I'm terrible at them. See above. Inspired by @karlalucia love for her new nephew. This is my brand of being an aunt. My sister is a nurse and works 12-hr shifts, this is part of the reason I'm as involved as I am with the kids in every major and minor milestone.
  1. Being at the hospital for each birth. The first one 26 hours and then end with a c-section. Get comfy.
    I will never forget pre-epidural sister versus post-epidural. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde level shit.
  2. Wake up at 3am with colicky baby multiple times
    Sometimes the kids would just not know what time it is and would be ready to start their day at this time. Kids can be so inconsiderate.
  3. Miss seeing one of your favourite bands because your nephew has his first fever and your sister is scared and choose to be there even though you're also scared.
    I'm still terrible when the kids are sick. I feel utterly useless.
  4. Staying home with a sick child because you're on drop-off duty and can't let a sick child go to school even though the parents think you've been suckered by the kid.
    I was suckered. I regret nothing.
  5. Sleeping with each one of them each for part of the night. That means getting up every 2 hours and going to the next kid's room so they have equal time.
  6. Learning sign language to help my non-verbal nephew communicate
  7. Being the oldest's safe space so when he was having a meltdown on the plane I was the only one that could calm him down
    Now the guy recoils whenever I give him a hug. Pre-teens, I tell ya.
  8. Buying a drum kit for a 3 year old
  9. Ice cream for breakfast
    Look at this face (and his bed-head)! Please note that the parents were still in bed after their date night and I was on breakfast duty. When they got up to a kid who had ice cream for breakfast I went for a nap because I'm no chump.
  10. Being the emergency contact and having to leave work to deal with a school-wide lice outbreak.
    I guess we're doing this today.
  11. Answering ridiculous questions like "do snails eat doughnuts?"
  12. Driving from eastern and western Ontario just to say happy birthday on the day of their birthday then driving back in the morning.
  13. Taking a $100 cab ride when you don't have a car just to be there
  14. Choosing the date of my niece's birth so it's the same day as mine
    She's my favourite present
  15. Never being the first to let go when we're hugging
  16. Acting supportive when your nephew says he likes the Carolina Panthers.
    How does he even know who they are? When did he starting watching football? Who are you, kid?
  17. Being okay with being vomited and peed on.
  18. Answering the tough questions like, "what does fuck mean?"
    My response has been redacted.
  19. Stopping my application to teach abroad and my subsequent plans to move to Chicago because I didn't know what the diagnosis of autism would mean, where on the spectrum he would be. My life changed that day and I would make the same decision a million times over.
  20. My goal is to be the person they run away to when they become unruly teenagers or be their first call when in jail.
    Hands down I'm that person.