Requested by Hillary


I loved @karlalucia list about her bookshelves and I was already stealing the idea but with @hillary79 request I feel slightly less show-offy. Slightly.
  1. Since half of my things are still in my condo in Scarborough (just outside Toronto) I brought with me books I had not read and a few of my favourites because I need familiar things around me. These are not all the books I own. Here's the breakdown of what's on my shelves.
    I removed framed photos so you can see the books better.
  2. First Shelf 1
    A couple of my absolute favourites are here (Kavalier & Clay, A Fine Balance, Everything is Illuminated) but mostly it's one of the tallest shelves so the hardcover books fit nicely here.
  3. First Shelf 2
    Clearly I don't organize anything alphabetically (I think it's soulless to do so). I do try to keep authors and their books together with some exceptions.
  4. Second Shelf 1
    Some philosophy, political thought and classics that I probably should have read while in high school. Another favourite here is A Clockwork Orange, I re-read this (along with Slaughter House Five and Hitchhikers Guide) every once in a while.
  5. Second Shelf - 2
    The other side of the shelf has some more fiction and essays/short stories on the right
  6. Third Shelf 1
    Non-fiction starting with history and proceeding to race and gender then cultural critiques. There's some random fiction books because I have no more room elsewhere.
  7. Third Shelf 2
    A stack of recent book purchases on top old Foreign Affairs journals.
  8. Fourth Shelf 1
    Some thematic points of interest: American politics, modern economics, privacy in the Information Age, the media and reporting.
  9. Fourth shelf 2
    Books on autism, religion and politics, and biographies
  10. Fifth Shelf 1
    A few humour books, children's lit, YA, plays and poetry
  11. Fifth Shelf 2
    Very small collection of books on music or musicians.
  12. Sixth Shelf 1
    Random books that include McSweeneys, graphic novels and a couple picture books because I refuse to grow up.
  13. Sixth Shelf
    Some books I had to read for work (none of which I did) and notebooks that I can't stop buying.
  14. Full view
    I added back all the things that I removed earlier in order to get a better visual of the shelves. Everything added are things I've received except the skull and storm trooper - I bought those myself. And the Orioles hat on the top had its Bird brother (Blue Jays) but I had to return it because of its size and the kids (sales people) at Lids was being unhelpful. Damn kids.
  15. Today's purchases
    I'm imposing a book buying ban as of today. This is going to be hard because I just got some really good recommendations recently.
  16. Recent additions to the 'Shelf
    The first two I bought recently (one is a recommendation), the French Revolution book and last three were from school, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn I had at work (to read to residents when they needed company), Callaloo Nation is about West Indian identity in Trinidad and One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter was a random buy based on the title. Can't wait to get to these. No more buying books!!!! (She lies to herself)