Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. I was in grade 9, I think that was age 13 or 14. I went to a different high school than my middle schools graduates.
  2. I went to the school that my cousins and sister went to. It also had a bit of a reputation.
  3. I hung out with a mix of "smart-straight-laced" kids and the "degenerates"
  4. For whatever reason I skipped school with my cousins and the "degenerates"
  5. I wish I could remember what we were drinking but there was definitely no chaser. Hard liquor and sitting under the sun. Talking shit. Behind the community centre.
  6. My cousin got really drunk. Passed out drunk. We had to call for help and she had to have her stomach pumped because of alcohol poisoning.
  7. I got sober pretty quickly.
  8. But not really.
  9. It was fucked up.
  10. It was not the last time.