Track by track love. 20 years later
  1. Red Intro
    Remember when there were skits in rap albums.? Yeah I was hoping I forgot about it too. Rad Baraja sets the scene. I remember convos like this though. We were 16. We thought we hard. We were until track 8.
  2. How Many Mics
    Why no question mark??? My girl Lauryn was everything, feminine and tough. Opening verse and she sets the scene. "Me without a mic is like a beat without a snare." And Pras steps in "too many MCs and not enough mics". Wyclef does a bit of Corey Hart and I ain't mad. 🕶
  3. Ready or Not
    Moody and with a hook. Not a fan of any hooks, but the feels on this one. Pour a sip on the concrete. Been there even with my own privileged life. "While you be imitating Al Capone, I be Nina Simone." Mic drop.
  4. Zealots
    Reggae-tinged and I'm hooked. I know this, you sampled The Flamingos but my friends and I recognized "Dust a Soundboy" when it should be Willie Williams "Armagideon Time". Either way, we love you for representing the young West Indian vibe we clung to. Mad respect, Clef!
  5. The Beast
    Relevant yesterday. Relevant now. The way Lauryn spits this is fierce. She's got her head high, legs planted, arms crossed. I could take an album of just more of her verse. Come at her if you dare. Skit of course. Not a fan. Obvious reasons.
  6. Fu-Gee-La
    There's a hook but shiiiittttt... Refugees pride
  7. Family Business
    Wyclef delivers the strongest verse. No hook on a hip hop track. I am pleased that I don't have to tolerate an out of place RnB sample.
  8. Killing Me Softly
    You couldn't escape this and why would you want to? You were blown away. You got soul. You got hip hop. You tried to sing along. You should not have. You regret nothing. You are not alone, my friend.
  9. The Score
    Like a remix of the songs that preceded it. Fitting for the title track. Michelle Leslie Brown set 'em straight.
  10. The Mask
    "Stop snitchin' muthafucka!" - John Mulaney re: first verse
  11. Cowboys
    I loved this song "Eh boy, get you guns and meet me at back right now!" I don't even know why. There is no personal connection, maybe it's because the inner city kids cast as Cowboys seemed fitting. Outlaws in a new setting. Rah Digga! Shout out Ontario and Blahzay Blah! "Me and Rashida rock battles."
  12. No Woman, No Cry
    I can't resist this song. My second favourite Marley (second to Redemption Song). His earnest rendition makes me respect his try. It's a true homage, which is a rarity.
  13. Manifest/Outro
    "The prophecy will manifest." Clef expresses Christ-like betrayal, Lauryn expresses heartbreak and suicidal despair, and Pras remains restrained, barely revealing any personal narrative as is characteristic of his rhymes. It's all fitting
  14. "It's time for us to stand like men and women"
    No more kickin