The Greatest Invention of All-Time?*

I'm 4'11" with no apologies but sometimes a girl gets tired of living life on her tippy-toes. I just saw this on tv and since I don't watch a lot of live tv I'm not sure how known this product is. Here is my PSAs to my shawtys.
  1. Add Heights Insoles
  2. 2 inches!!! I could be almost normal with that! Chloe, I could almost be your before.
  3. But no! I'm not about that fake-lifting-lifestyle
  4. I will not heighten but will not judge anyone else who does. Heels are periodically okay, of course.
    You think Seinfeld is getting any kickbacks on this?
  5. *nah but I feel like there should be a full infomercial on this product filled with testimonials and a segment explaining the science of the product.