The Most Unpopular Things In My Kitchen

Poor decisions in the groceries aisle. Much like the decisions I make in my social life.
  1. Polenta
    I bought you a while ago. I was feeling random. Like a guy you meet and think "hey why not see where this goes" and then getting really sad about your decision and thankfully never getting the wrapper open - let's not. Yeah you're that guy right now.
  2. Cornichons
    It's not you it's me. I thought you'd be crunchier. I just want different things right now.
  3. Golden Berries
    I want to love you. You're mostly appealing but I only have a mild interest in you. You're like the guy I'm really good friends with. It makes sense that I should be with but I really don't *feel* that way. You're not blueberries. I really just wanted blueberries but they were ridiculously expensive. So here we are.
  4. Peppercorns
    I fucking love you. But right now I can't figure out how to refill my pepper mill and I'm feeling inadequate and unworthy of you.
  5. Dairy Free Cream Cheese
    I tried. I'm sorry I wasted both of our time. I'll keep you though as a late night option.