I have a problem accepting compliments and general kind words, recently it's becoming more of an issue since I realize why it's been so difficult for me to accept them. I'm working on this but if I've ever changed the subject when you've been nice know that it's me not you. Keep the compliments coming, I'll learn to believe them eventually .
  1. "You're the best human"
  2. "You're the best aunt"
  3. "You're my homey"
  4. "You're amazing"
  5. "You're unlike anyone I've ever met"
  6. "You're my favourite"
  7. "Oh, I know not to fuck with you"
  8. "You're the best at untangling things"
  9. "Don't ever let them change you, you're needed just as you are"
  10. "You're a little subversive aren't you?"
  11. "I don't know anyone who knows more about music than you"
  12. "I hate how good you are at Scene It 90s"
  13. "I love your books collection"
  14. "I'd love to be stuck on an island with you"
  15. "You are stronger than they are"
  16. "You're going to be something when you grow up"
  17. "I like your face"