A friend and I challenged each other to make a playlist that was to be the soundtrack to our lives as though it was an iconic 80s movie. Here is what I remember of my movie and accompanying soundtrack (and vaguely related pics from 80s cartoons)
  1. The Replacements - "I Will Dare"
    Opening scene: shot of nondescript high school, followed by quick shots of teenagers looking like they want to be there, all exuding a sense of belonging. Then cut to a girl with a scowl wishing desperately for a new plague.
  2. Jesus & Mary Chain - "Some Candy Talking"
    After the requisite classroom scene, girl meets up with best friend, who is a guy and he's pining for the hottest girl in school. Let's make her a cheerleader. She's walking down the hall and just as everyone turns to give her their full attention "Some Candy Talking" intensifies at the chorus (1:14) and there seems to be a wind machine in the hallway.
  3. The Smiths - "Ask"
    End of school, girl is at home trying to get dressed for a night out with friends that includes guy friend. Her interaction with her family reveals that there are probably very few people in her life that she can stand.
  4. Pixies - "Hey"
    Friends meet at a bar, underage drinking commences along with semi-intellectual conversations. A local band plays in the background. Everyone is moody.
  5. Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now"
    Back at school, posters of the Spring Dance is placed perfectly to be in each shot. Someone makes a suggestion to skip the rest of the day and go to someone's house to get day-drunk.
  6. Simple Minds - "Someone Somewhere In Summertime"
    Hot girl and her hot friends are at the house, guy friend works up the courage to talk to her and they're hitting it off. Getting cosy, almost to the point of canoodling. Alcohol turns on the girl and makes her feel sad and lonely. She leaves.
  7. New Order - "Ceremony"
    Next day at school, guy friend and hot girl are an item since she's wearing his jacket. Guy is trying to get girl and hot girl to be friends. It's not working. Death glares are both given and received.
  8. Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Arabian Nights"
    Weeks pass, which is like months for a teenager. Guy and girl barely talk to each other now. Both have a new social groups, girl is more punk, guy is more synthesizer.
  9. The Church - "Lost"
    Night of the Spring Dance, girl walks into the dance just as song plays, guy sees girl in a new light, not because she's wearing a dress. She isn't. She's wearing her version of a suit and she looks hot.
  10. Depeche Mode - "Somebody"
    Guy is dancing with hot girl while girl is dancing with someone else. Guy is having feelings as sad songs are wont to do.
  11. Kate Bush - "Hello Earth"
    Girl is leaving the dance, guy realizes this and ditches his date to find girl. He runs out to the parking lot, song plays at 2:28 and as the chorus ends he realizes she's gone.
  12. Billy Bragg - "Levi Stubbs' Tears"
    Girl is home, laying in bed listening to song. Guy arrives, making declarations and then he kisses her. Story should end but it doesn't, girl has outgrown guy in both friendship and love. She doesn't need a boyfriend, especially one that didn't notice her. Guy is shattered but he'll be okay, it's only high school after all.
  13. Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill"
    Girl walks back to house, she's happy. Credits roll.