Thanks @Boogie for the list request. I hope you're buckled up and ready for the most boring ever!
  1. Theshome is my default name for most social media accounts. Well I don't have a lot so really Instagram (theshome) and Twitter (The_Shome_)
  2. Why is it my go to? Well several reasons...
  3. I'm incredibly uncreative
  4. I don't really want you to make assumptions about me based on my username any longer. I used to have band or literary related usernames.
    Example: SaturNINus was one of them. It was a nod to Shakespeare and Nine Inch Nails. I felt lame doing this after a while
  5. I'm lazy
  6. Those are my only reasons, actually. Now to the name.
  7. My first name is Shoma. No one calls me that unless I've just met them and it's a professional relationship, but even those evolve to something else.
  8. Everyone calls me Shome or some variation. They'll add an 's' or go crazy like 'Shomenator', 'shomlicious', 'shomey'.
    People mangle my first name all the time. I'm okay with this, but mispronounce my last name and I will correct you and make sure you say it properly next time.
  9. For context, this particular nickname was given to me was around the height of all garage bands that start with "the"
    The Hives, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Gossip, etc.
  10. When I first met my sister's boyfriend (now husband) he would introduce me to everyone (since I tagged along everywhere as any self-respecting younger sibling ought to do) as:
    "The Shome, first name 'The,' last name 'Shome'"
  11. There have been people who actually thought my first name is 'The'
  12. Since then I still get random messages and hellos as The Shome from his friends who are now my friends.
  13. So that's really it, one of my nicknames with 'The' in front of it.
  14. I'm so sorry you had to read this.