My original list about the Tragically Hip (specifically Gord Downie) was so long ago and received one like. The wonderful @aus10 who I assume was being kind and generous was the only one to like that list "Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy" Gord Downie
  1. Our Prime Minister paying homage in Kingston, Ontario.
  2. I don't have much else to add to my original list but with their last shows I feel a sense of loss.
  3. I've never seen them live.
  4. I never will.
  5. I had this delusion that Gord Downie was the father I should have had.
  6. I put so much hope on him.
  7. That the failings of my own father mattered so little because I projected that I will someday meet the man that helped me feel whole.
  8. This will not happen.
  9. He will never know.
  10. I will not met him.
  11. I will say goodbye from afar.
  12. I will say thank you from afar.
  13. Thank you.