Things A Young Me Thought I Would Have To Deal With*

*Irrational fears
  1. Wells
    Not that these were prevalent where I'm from but whenever I saw one I wouldn't got within 20ft of one.
  2. Railroad tracks
    There were at least two assemblies and MANY safety videos on the dangers of crossing raidroad tracks.
  3. Downloading music on Napster and then being arrested.
    They were going to find me and arrest me for the Sigur Ros bootlegs I downloaded.
  4. Being kidnapped
    That wasn't very likely.
  5. Being sacrificed
    Goes hand in hand with the above, I guess.
  6. My talking doll coming to life
    Luckily Toy Story made me okay with this happening.
  7. Going swimming and drowning because I didn't wait long enough after eating before going in
  8. Bees
    You broke me, My Girl.
  9. Hot lava
    Jumping to avoid the carpet was sure to some sort of valuable training exercise
  10. The end of the world. Aka Y2K.