I'm surprised at myself for having shout out list but this seems appropriate. These are all things I've considered about my list compatriots and please do not feel left out if you are not included. I'm building new relationships each day and I'm so thankful for this app for that.
  1. The Cady boys are magical leprechauns that will probably turn evil if given the opportunity. Actually they are probably more like gremlins. DO NOT FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT.
  2. The Murphy's are America's first family and there are more of them that I do not know of and it's unsettling. I'm willing to entertain conspiracy theories. Kennedy type conspiracies. Can someone please do a list on which Murphy will play who in The House of Yes?
  3. @Boogie is the people's princess. She is the true heiress to Genovia
  4. If you chant @kcupcaker name three times in front of a mirror she will appear, like your list and share her love with you
  5. @marginally_amazing is a modern day Saint and Pope Francis will shortly canonize her.
  6. @mnickwrites is truly the most supportive and kind person I've met on the Internet and real life. This leads me to believe that he is Truman (of Truman's Show).
  7. @gd3 is the great unknown. He is 42. 😉
  8. @NumbahTwo is the world's greatest Tool fan and has put me to shame. Because of this I love and hate him.
    Kidding I love you (sort of) 🤔
  9. @aus10 is probably my #1 list crush and I know it isn't healthy to adore someone so many years younger than I am and I feel wrong. But I'm cool with it.
    How you doing @aus10 ? 😉
  10. @MatthewAlmont is my musical soulmate and I will live through him and his bright future. Do me proud, Matty!
  11. @CheckeredOwl isn't real. I have yet to figure out who "he" is and what his game is. I do suspect he is a double agent and have not ruled out AI.
  12. That I will somehow super impose myself in between @amieshmamie and @justjills relationship and it will awkward for all but the lists would be awesome!
  13. @kiraandlulu needs to be kiraandluluandshome. I'm working my way towards this goal. You will love me...
  14. @finesse is all that and a bag of chips (felt the need to kick it old school with ya)
  15. @lexie_elyse is the daughter I wish I had and I'm currently looking at joint guardianship with her actual parents. I'm sure we can work something out.
  16. @Alphonse is here to keep me grounded and reminds me to laugh at myself. He probably is working for CSIS. The cool part of CSIS.
  17. @jessicaz needs me in her life. She just doesn't know this yet.
  18. @Lisa_Fav is currently the most envious person on list. A title she exchanges and shares with @shanaz and @jessicaz
  19. @hillary79 is my soul sister and I'm willing to go to Mordor and back for her.
  20. @jennifergster is always there for me and others. She's probably part of the illuminati.
  21. @Zeealist is gonna fucking run tings
  22. @nikkilounoel is a beacon of light. She is probably the person behind Synergy in Jem and the Holograms
  23. @Diplomatic_diva is possible the most awesomest person ever and she has state secrets. We should all get her drunk and try to illicit these secrets. Or just hang out and hangout and have a good time wherever she happens to be.
  24. @marykathryn knows who Songs: Ohia is also One Eye Willie's treasures.
  25. @BWN_7 is an enigma wrapped in a riddle or a Twinkie. Probably both. Definitely both.
  26. Everyone else ... Please know that I am creating wildly implausible reasons for your existence.
    I'm certain I've forgotten people and I already feel bad about that. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.