I occasionally work from home. This demonstrates why I shouldn't.
  1. Made pasta with pesto sauce for breakfast
    Store bought vegan pesto was pretty good.
  2. Walking around my place practicing the robot
    You never know when there will be an 80s dance off. Also I'm really uncoordinated and should always be practicing my dance moves.
  3. Went through the vinyl I have with me (I don't have a lot but some are at my sisters or my storage at my condo):
    What I found below
  4. 1. I have two copies of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' Living With The Living. I don't know why since this isn't even my favourite album of theirs.
    I'm pretty sure I bough these at two separate live shows and I'm okay with them getting money from me twice.
  5. 2. Found out I actually own a Holiday Album/Single. Kind of thinking I must have gotten this for free.
    Cute album cover.
  6. 3. I don't remember exactly if it's Blur or not. If is Blur it was probably free since I've only been a casual fan.
    Googled it is Blur. I'm willing to donate to Blur fan
  7. Watched half of The Trials of Muhammed Ali during the lunch break
    How little I know about this man.
  8. Chat with my brother-in-law. One of my favourite people.
  9. Static
  10. I got an hour left.