I drive back and forth from Cornwall to Toronto at least a couple times a month. I try not to fall asleep a number of different ways.
  1. Listen to audiobooks
    Currently going back and forth between American Prometheus by Sherwin/Bird and One More Thing by @bjnovak
  2. Pretend I'm narrating my own audiobook
    It's gripping but I give it 2 1/2 stars. I'm a tough critic.
  3. Try rapping Eminem's verse in Drake's Forever
  4. Sing horribly to whatever is on the radio
    I willfully put on voices to detract from my horrible singing.
  5. Try to YouTube Leonard Cohen songs I must listen to at that exact moment.
    I will risk it all for just one song, and that song is Famous Blue Raincoat.
  6. Practice making strong, declarative statements and have at least three points to back it up
    Thesis, supporting arguments, conclusion - and they say the public school system is broken.
  7. Momentarily use cruise control and turn it off because I don't actually understand how it works and I get scared
  8. Listen to talk radio and shake my fists because that's now a thing I do
  9. Develop a complex backstory for fellow drivers and why they're on the road right now
    What are you running from, Fred?!?