1. Spiders
    You keep those demons away from me. I found a spider in my car while driving. I'm not sure why I'm still alive. I no longer have the car.
  2. Commitment
    Self saboteur
  3. Heights
    I'm more afraid of falling off them than the heights per se
  4. Flying
    I'm not a fan of flying. I will drive through treacherous weather instead of flying. This is when I learned that I had a mild fear of flying.
  5. The gross stuff in the drain
    I saw a horror movie at age 6 where the gross stuff in the drain was human flesh or something.
  6. Jello
    It moves of its own volition
  7. Elevators
    Crowded elevators, actually
  8. Being late for any appointment or meeting
    I am notoriously late otherwise
  9. Dementia
    F. U. C. K. Dementia.