Inspired by @NotAWitchDoctor
  1. I like kale
    I hate lettuce so yeah other leafy veggies are my thing. See also: spinach.
  2. I'm not a fan of Michael Jackson
    When he died I was on my first date with a guy. I couldn't pretend I cared. My response was a shrug and this, "he's been dead to me for a while". My favourite song is "Ben" and I don't care for anything else. By the way he wasn't scared off by cold, dead heart.
  3. I didn't think Bridesmaids was funny
    All the elements was there but meh.
  4. I didn't think Trainwreck was funny
    Some elements were there.
  5. I hated the Notebook
    That is not what Alzheimer's or Long Term Care is like. Not even a little bit. And wasn't he at war. Weren't they fighting? How the hell did you find time to write a letter everyday. I barely have time to floss everyday. Well that's my excuse anyway.
  6. I hate Nutella
    Why is this a thing? Ew.