Inspired by @gagneet even though I try to do these each month I would not have remembered the "good" things this month if not for her list
  1. Secret Santa shopping and sleuthing
    I'm almost finished but I'm still feeling like I'm missing something. More sleuthing ahead. Thank you @DawnCloud immensely for organizing this, it's helped me get into the holiday spirit of giving after feeling let down by so many things.
  2. The House I Live In
    I'm still slowly getting through my audiobook that is currently focusing on the "War on Drugs" and this documentary was a timely pick to get me back into The New Jim Crow
  3. Blue Jay
    I grinned and smiled so much watching Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass together. I'm such a sucker for a love like this. Also I have a crush on both of them.
  4. Raury - "God's Whisper"
    I only came across this recently from his Indigo Child EP from 2014
  5. Toronto vs. Montreal MLS Conference Finals
    Including this in anticipation of a Toronto win on Nov. 30, which I will be very into!
  6. Third Re-Watch of Community
    I usually have something on at all times while I do my course work or cleaning and it's usually a series I've seen before. It makes me do things less efficiently, which is how I roll. And I missed seeing Troy and Abed.
  7. Having 6 kids jump on me when I walked in the door. That feeling will have to last me until Christmas.