Things I'm Into This Month: October 2016

You know, stuff.
  1. Inside the Mental by Kay Parley
    I was really interested on the research and use of LSD in research that wasn't explored in any real detail but at least I got to learn why the use was limited. Way to go Leary.
  2. Insecure
    "Why you bring me to 1997 Inglewood?"
  3. Jidenna
    Everything I'm hearing from him is getting some heavy play. Extra points for shouting out Zamunda. If you don't know then you don't get to know.
  4. My Carmen Sandiego costume
    Remember the song! Remember the quiz show? Come on, Gumshoes, you better!
  5. My rain boots that I wore every chance I got. See you in the spring old friend.
  6. Captain Fantastic
    So many feels. I want to start a family with Viggo and I know you do too. The score was beautiful.
  7. Swiss Army Man
    I dare you not to feel something watching this. Completely unexpected and wonderful. Keep with it, though.
  8. The Tale of Princess Kaguya
    I just finished watching this and can't come up with the words. There probably aren't any.