Things I'm Into This Week 3

  1. Jarryd James "Do You Remember"
    On repeat. I'm not the biggest RnB fan but there are few that make me take notice. My new Aussie friend has me singing his praises. Can't wait to hear more.
  2. Trying to forget tomorrow
    8 hours away from a root canal.
  3. Nostalgia
    I bought myself a Nintendo DS simply because I wanted to play Super Mario Bros.
  4. Radishes
    Yum while sliced and slathered with hummus. Not sure how else one eats these.
  5. This H&M Jumpsuit
  6. This lawn sign
    I almost rang their doorbell. These are my people.
  7. The Nightingale
    Audiobook. Rough start because of the narration but I'm getting used to it.