Things I'm Into This Week 4

I think this means I've been on for a month. This is the most I've interacted with any social media outlet. Kudos to the team and all you wonderful people for keeping my interest.
  1. Louie Season 4, Episode 3 "So Did The Fat Lady"
    Sure it aired two years ago, but I'm notoriously and consistently late to the game (see below for more evidence to support this). Also wasn't around then so I couldn't draw attention to the episode which I immediately rewatched. Watch, watch, watch! (Side note: I think there needs to be a reboot of Before Sunrise with Louis CK and Sarah Baker)
  2. Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book
    How dare you make me spell 'colouring' without a 'u'. It's unnatural to me. But I forgive you because this album is everything to me right now.
  3. Telling white people they have a nice tan
    It makes them really happy.
  4. Bitmoji
    I had no idea how vain I really was until I got Bitmoji. I really like Moji-Me, she's got spunk.
  5. Bloodline Season 1
    I wasn't supposed to start any new series until I was caught up/finished with House of Cards, Mad Men and The Wire. Tried as I might I couldn't resist Ben Mendelsohn and Kyle Chandler, I was a fool to even try.