As random as it gets.
  1. Future's "Fuck Up Some Commas"
    I normally don't advocate abuse against punctuation marks.
  2. Their Eyes Were Watching God
    My current read.
  3. Keanu
    The love for George Michael fills me with joy. Anna Faris is my new favourite person. A strip club called HPV.
  4. Sunset Rubdown
    I'm re-discovering Shut Up I Am Dreaming after 10 years. "Us Ones in Between" has some of my favourite lyrics: "I've heard of pious men, I've heard of dirty fiends but you don't often hear of us ones in between" and "I have never seen a sun that did not bury it's head at the side of the world when the day was done"
  5. Not watching the playoffs
    I feel like I have more time to do other unimportant things.