1. Book my trip to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding. I am demanding that I should be the best man, he won't tell me until I book.
    I'll be honest, I don't like my chances on this.
  2. Pay the ticket I received a while ago.
    When I care very little about things I do nothing until I'm forced to do something. I should do something.
  3. Buy Christmas presents for non-list people.
    I don't have my gifts for the kids yet and this is not like me. I've had some anxiety-riddled moments just thinking that I have nothing yet. I'm better than this.
  4. Get to at least one of @talor list request and subsequently bore her by the list.
  5. Need to get a onesie for our annual cousins Boxing Day party. I'm searching for the right kind of ridiculous and I'm having little luck.
  6. I need to read a really boring book for a course. It's about leadership. I don't know if I can do it.