No disrespect to those who have done anything listed below, I'm just not that active
  1. Posted a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday on Instagram
    I don't like living within the confines of social media society. I've accepted the calendar, I don't need any more rules unless it's Taco Tuesday.
  2. Edited a Wikipedia page
    Kind of want to though. I'm hoping I have some sort of relevant information to share or correct.
  3. Jumped on board of a trending hashtag on Twitter
    I'm a retweeter to my small and probably non-devoted followers
  4. Had a snapchat account
    I don't understand what this is.
  5. Had a vine account
    Again. I don't understand what this is. RIP anyways.
  6. Been on Reddit
  7. Checked all my emails.
  8. Understand how the Instagram stories thing works.