Things We Never Talk About

In most instances the "you" isn't the same person. In all instances there was no were conversations or attempts to understand anything. Alternate title: why I should be in therapy.
  1. That time you tried to kill yourself
  2. That time you didn't ask for consent
  3. That time you left me in a very unsafe situation
  4. That time you hurt someone I loved
  5. That other time you hurt someone I loved
  6. That time you told me I was the reason you drink
  7. That time you decided to stay in an unsafe situation
  8. That time you tried to make me feel small
  9. That time you made me feel like shit for standing up for myself
  10. That time you tried to guilt me into staying in an unsafe situation
  11. That time you struck me
  12. That time I struck you back
  13. That time you kicked me out of my house on my birthday
  14. Come morning I will likely delete this.