1. Whenever there is an election
    I get too involved and want to be even more involved but it gets weird since it's not my president. Then I immediately give up politics until it's time for another cycle.
  2. When it's 10pm and I realize I have no wine or beer and I wanna get turnt up
    I guess water will do.
  3. Whenever there is slang I don't understand like "turnt up"
  4. Whenever I listen to American Pie
    All 8 minutes of it
  5. While watching Rocky IV
    My favourite Rocky
  6. When they have Thanksgiving in November
    Only for the day off and the food. I don't want the historical context associated with it. I'll keep my Canadian harvest festival.
  7. Inauguration of Barack Obama
  8. The day the White House lit up with colours of the rainbow in support of marriage equality
  9. When I was considering moving to Chicago
  10. Whenever I need to travel anywhere and I need American money because that's all they want
  11. When there are a possibility of Hamilton tickets
    I just assume it would be easier
  12. Now. So I can stand with you and do more.