TV Squad Goals (if this was a thing when I was younger)

In chronological order. Decided to go up to 18 years because now my sleeping pills have kicked in and can't focus anymore. (Editing to say that yes I do hate myself for using the term "squad goals")
  1. Punky Brewster and Brandon
    I would borrow Punky's clothes and play with Brandon all day.
  2. They need no introduction
    Oh the mysteries we would solve and the monsters we would unmask.
  3. Rudy, Peter and Bud
    Oh the mess we all would make.
  4. Max Smart and Agent 99
    More crime fighting with these two. I would only feel slightly guilty at first for inserting myself in their squad.
  5. Lucy and Ethel
    I'd be Ricky's little sister that has to live with them and therefore I would have to be part of their squad.
  6. The Degrassi Junior High crew
    Of course I wanted to be on the Degrassi. A Canadian rite of passage.
  7. Kate and Allie
    I ❤️them. I don't know how I could sneak my way into being in their lives. Probably by starting with some light stalking and moving up from there.
  8. Whitley, Denise, Freddie, Jalisaa and Dwyane
    I idealized university so much because of this show. I would have been more like the Freddie character so I see myself joining the squad and Freddie's slightly less quirky cousin.
  9. Swans Crossing crew
    I loved all the drama and ridiculousness of the soap opera just for lusty teenagers. I wanted to be the kid from the wrong side of the tracks who would turn their world upside down.
  10. Willow, Xander, Buffy, Giles (😍) and to a lesser extent Cordelia
    Who else would you want in your squad at Sunnydale?