1. "You're such a butt"
    To the kids. I do say "I love you" to the but we have so many variations on our love.
  2. "I'll cut that bitch for you"
    Yes I've said it. Bitch does not always mean female in my world.
  3. "You annoy me less as we grow older"
    To my sister. You should see us hug.
  4. "I got you"
  5. "Love you more than life"
    To my brother in law. Usually "dude" is before it and a high five at end. Relax folks he's like big brother.
  6. "Hiiiii"
  7. "Do you want to listen to the entire Hamilton Original Soundtrack?" 😉
    Actually this means something other than "I love you". *Bow chicka wow wow*