The social-media me, that is
  1. I've actually posted pictures without filters
    I know the current profile pic has a filter, but I actually don't have a lot of photos of myself.
  2. I use gifs now.
    I've exited a group chat because the conversation was purely in gif form. Now I bow down to the gif gods.
  3. I even use emoticons
    I despise them. Or so I thought. I really only use these two ❤️💾. I know the ❤️ is redundant but it's my way of saying "I feel ya, homie". When you save using the actual 💾 for list there should be notification (get to work on that guys @list)
  4. I've gotten personal on here. I don't get even personal in real life.
    I want to put my head on everyone's shoulder in silence. That's my way of being my most vulnerable.
  5. I've seen a side of internet's humanity that I didn't think existed
    So much so I might even start online dating. *might*
  6. I'm willing to engage with strangers on the Internet.
    Don't tell my mom. She will only worry.