Weekend Recap - Baltimore

Final list on Baltimore, I promise. Thanks to @autumnftw @lexie_elyse @gd3 and Nathan V (I can't remember how to spell his last name but he's no longer here) for the recommendations. Much love to you all.
  1. Shake shack burgers. Good but not as good as Five Guys, in my opinion
  2. Oriole Orange on the hydrant
  3. I'll have the bucket of various Malibu shots please.
  4. O's at the harbour
  5. I heart Jelly Fish. I could spend hours just looking at them. Did I mention that I got to touch them? Not this one in particular.
    I wasn't ready for this jelly.
  6. Forgot what these we're called but they were adorable. They were practically pulsating.
  7. Angel fish that I swear was giving me cut eye. Bish fish.
  8. Inner Habour where many drinks were had
  9. This mantis shrimp was not someone I wanted to fuck with.
  10. The crabs were phenomenal. I love it as much as I love jerk chicken which is the highest compliment I can give.
  11. Old Bay Seasoning
    A curse upon everyone who knew of this seasoning and have not shared this with me.
  12. Me with my favourite #8 Cal Ripken Jr (yeah I should have actually used my sunglasses)
    Tip of the hat to @MissLorre for being my soul sister in love with all the same Orioles
  13. The game itself was close and nerve racking for me that have way too much anxiety to be a sports fan. I was surrounded with more NY fans than I was expecting, which included my cousin.
    Planning next trip to see Da Bears in Chi town.
  14. Jenga with too many beers
  15. Yes, thank you.