You know I enjoyed in May (will update because I'm sure I've forgotten things)
  1. Chris Gethard's Career Suicide
    I watched his one man show after a difficult chapter of Trevor Noah's Born a Crime. Gethard talks about his battle with depression and suicidal ideation (not the comedy special I was expecting). He speaks of his journey with honesty and humour. Professes his love for The Smiths and shows off his Morrissey impression. His special stuck with me, especially this line, "you don't get to pick what breaks you and you can't predict what's going to save you."
  2. Hasan Minhaj's Homecoming King
    Another comedy special I wasn't expecting to hold the emotional weight it did. I've seen it three times in the past four days. His experience isn't mine but there was so much to relate to. I've been recommending this nonstop.
  3. Father John Misty's tweet (not sure if this will work - first time posting a link to a tweet. This alone made me a fan)
  4. My new shirt
  5. Slyvan Esso - "Die Young"
    This song is electro-pop greatness that has been on repeat
  6. Julien Baker - "Something"
    Another song on repeat (please know that when I say repeat I mean listening to the same song for an hour)
  7. A text from one of my staff coming after a very difficult week (in which she knew very little about). Perfect timing that helped me get through.
    I've always thought my purpose in my role is to equip my staff with information/resources and to build capacity needed in order for them to succeed. There's a lot of mentoring involved and it's draining investing in people, but it's where I've chosen to focus my energy in the past three years.
  8. New mug alert
    Sometimes I'm a tourist
  9. A day with the kids.
    I took them out of school half day (with permission) and we spent the afternoon doing whatever we wanted. We ate terrible food for lunch & dinner, listened to the Ramones & The Black Lips. Had a shopping spree at the Dollarstore. Bought some books at Chapters & played games at Dave & Busters. We had a great time prompting them to ask if I were their mom would I do this with them. I said "absolutely not! Moms have to be mom's and aunts get to be the best" (I would like to think I'd be a cool mom)